CODE ØA ØB Z Stroke E ØG H ØI ØN ØJ ØK L M BSP Weight(kg)
DE0361000090Z00A 36 100 90 206 115 10 60 27 114 90 M12x22 3/8 9.5
DE0361100090Z00A 36 100 90 206 125 10 60 27 125 90 M12x22 3/8 11



Hydraulic Auto Reset

There are several types of safety devices in ploughs, like shearbolt protection, shearbolt with cushioning, semiautomatic system, mechanical auto reset and hydraulic auto reset. The latter are the ones we will talk about.

The advantage on this safety system is that works on overloads, and the plough body frame comes to its working position when the overload stops by means of a hydraulic cylinder connected to an accumulator

This system enables not to stop plowing, as the body frame will raise when finding an obstacle and come down to its position once the obstacle is overtaken. This means a considerable saving of time as it is not necessary to stop the tractor and change shearbolts, or stop plowing and backtrack to lower the body frame in semiautomatic systems.

DOWNLOAD FILE – Pneumatic-Release Cylinder