Quality is a strategic activity in CICROSA HIDRAULICA, SL, who understands it as satisfying the needs, requirements and expectations of the Customer and the rest of stakeholders, in each moment and context, with a competitive product and service and having the Participation of all.

The guidelines and general objectives that, in relation to Quality, guide CICROSA HIDRAULICA, S.L. Are reflected in our Policy that is part of the overall policy and strategy of the Organization and is consistent with it and our values.

These guidelines are:

• Ensure that the products supplied to our Customers are safe, reliable and comply with the applicable specifications, standards and codes.

• Establish prevention-oriented actions and programs, not just the detection of Non-Conformities.

• Establish objectives and systems focused on the search for opportunities and continuous improvement that allow us a competitive advantage and the development of new technologies and innovation.

• Maintain permanent contact with Customers, collaborating together in the improvement of our products and services.

• Train, instruct, motivate and involve the entire human team in the management and development of the Quality Management System implemented, promoting self-responsibility, knowledge transfer and high performance.

• Provide the resources needed to achieve the satisfaction of all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Achieving the best Quality of the product and service as a result of our work leads us to optimize the benefit, the only way to ensure the future and the responsibilities of the Organization.

To apply and develop this Quality Policy, CICROSA HIDRAULICA, S.L. Carries out its Quality Management through a Quality System based on the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.

Additionally, these guidelines also allow CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L. to comply with the requirements of the ISO 3834-2:2021 standard, ensuring quality in welding processes, from design and manufacturing to inspection and testing, guaranteeing the integrity and safety of our processes and services in all applications.

Managing Director

June 20th, 2024