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According to the Spanish Law 34/2002 relative to the Society of Information and to the Electronic Commerce Services, we inform you that the ownership of the domain of the website www.cicrosa.com belongs to CICROSA HIDRAULICA SL (from now on, SERVICE PROVIDER) set up on public record on February 13tth 2003 with protocol 379, registered in the Commercial Registry of Palencia, in the tome 342, document 76, page P-4211, inscription 1 with VAT number B34206516, address. You can contact us by phone: +34 902 153 045 / +34 979 761 434 or by email: info@cicrosa.com if you want any further information.


These terms of use (from now on, DISCLAIMER) aim to regulate the use of this website at the public’s disposal in this URL.
The use of this website by a third party makes him an user and means the whole acceptance by this user of all the terms included in this disclaimer.
The service provider can offer, through the website, services or products submitted to own specific conditions which, depending on the case, replace, complete and/or modify this disclaimer. The user will be informed about this in every concrete case..


The user is committed to use the website, the contents and services according to the Law, to this disclaimer, to the good habits and public order. The user is also committed not to use the website www.cicrosa.com or the services offered through it with illegal aims or contrary to this disclaimer’s content, contrary to the interests or rights of third parties. He is also committed not to use the website in a way that may harm, make the website useless or damage it or its services or impede the normal use of the website by other users.
The user is also expressly committed not to destroy, alter, make useless or, in any other way, damage the data, programmes or electronic documents in the service provider’s website.
The user is committed not to difficult the access of other users to the access service by a massive consumption of the computer resources used by the service provider to provide the service. The user is also committed not to damage, interrupt or cause errors in the systems.
The user is committed not to introduce programmes, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX control or any other logical dispositive or characters sequence which may cause or maybe suspicious of causing any kind of alteration in the computer systems of the service provider or third parties.
RESTRICTIONS ON USE. During the website use www.cicrosa.com, the Customer and/or user are committed:

a)Not to copy the Software.
b)Not to distribute, share, lend, rent or make the website www.cicrosa.com available for third parties (through the internet, a computer network, a tangible way, a media or through any other way).
c)Not to modify, adapt, create derivate works or translate any part of www.cicrosa.com
d)Not to submit to inverse engineering, decompile or dismantle the website’s www.cicrosa.com software or try to get its source code.
e)Not to remove or modify any commercial brand, or exclusive property or royalties advertisement from the website www.cicrosa.com
f)To provide true information in the register form and to keep that information updated.
g)Not to introduce, accumulate or spread in or from the website www.cicrosa.com any information or contents which maybe defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, or may incite to violence, discrimination because of race, sex, ideology, religion or may be an assault against the moral, public order, human rights, public liberties, honor, privacy or image of third parties and, in general, the current law.
h)Not to advertise or make commercial use through the website www.cicrosa.com and not to use the contents and information of the website to advertise or to send messages with any other commercial objective, nor to collect or accumulate personal information about third parties.
i)Not to use fake information nor forge the identity of third parties during the use of the website www.cicrosa.com


Part of the website may content advertising contents or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the only responsible for the management of the material and they must be sure that the contents sent to be included in the website obey the Law. The service provider will not be responsible for the mistakes, inaccuracies or irregularities which may be content by the advertisings or sponsors. In any case, to file any claim relative to the advertising contents included in this website, you can contact the following email: cicrosa@cicrosa.com


All the contents of the website, unless expressly stated to the contrary, belong exclusively to the Service Provider and, by way of information without limitation, the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs and the rest of elements shown in the website.
By the same token, all the commercial names, brands or distinctive signs of any of the contents shown in the website are protected by the Law.
The Service Provider does not give any kind of license or authorization of personal use to the user about his intellectual and industrial property rights or about any other right related to his website and the services offered on it.
Therefore, the User admits that the reproduction, distribution ,commercialization, transformation and, in general, any other way of exploitation, by any means, of part or the whole of the contents of this website constitutes an infraction of the Service Provider’s or owner’s intellectual and/or industrial property rights.
The User admits that the reproduction, modification, distribution, commercialization, decompilation, disassembly, use of inverse engineering techniques or any other way to obtain the source code of the bar, transformation or publication of any test result of non authorized references of any of the elements and utilities integrated in the website www.cicrosa.com, constitutes an infraction of The intellectual property of CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L. The User is therefore committed not to do any of the actions mentioned above.
The User will not carry out actions which infringe upon the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L. or of third parties. The User will not carry out actions which infringe the honor, personal or familiar privacy, third parties’ image or morality and agree to hold CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L. harmless before any judicial or extrajudicial claim against the company because of the wrong use.


6.1.Responsibility for the website use

The User is the only responsible for the infractions done by him and for the harm which may be caused by the use of the website. The Service Provider, his partners, companies of the group, collaborators, employees and representatives will be hold harmless and will not be responsible for the User’s actions. The Service Provider will use all the reasonable means and efforts to provide updated information on the website. Nevertheless, the Service Provider does not guarantee the absence of mistakes, possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in the contents of this website.
The User will be the only responsible before any claim or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial carried out by third parties against the Service Provider based on the use of the website of the User. In that case, the User will accept responsibility for the costs, expenses and compensations caused by those claims or legal actions.

6.2.Responsibility for the website functioning

The Service Provider excludes all responsibility caused by possible interferences, omissions, interruptions, viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operative functioning of the website provoked by external causes.
Additionally, the Service Provider also excludes all responsibility caused by delays or crashing in the operative functioning of this electronic System caused by failures or overloads in the telephone lines or in the internet or caused by third parties acting illegally and out or the Service Provider’s control.
The Service Provider is authorized to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the accessibility to the Web site due to maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations.

6.3.Responsibility for links

In the case that we provide links to websites that are not operated or controlled by CICROSA HIDRAULICA, S.L you will be promptly informed as they are managed by third parties. The Service Provider declines any responsibility regarding the information that is outside the Web site, since the function of the links that appear is only to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information on a specific topic.
The Service Provider is exempt from any responsibility for the proper functioning of such links, the results obtained through such links, the accuracy and legality of the content or information that can be accessed, as well as the damages that may be suffered by the User by virtue of the information found on the linked Website.
Surely these websites have their own privacy policies, through which they will explain how they use and share their personal information. We recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies before using these websites to be sure that you agree with the way in which your personal information is collected.


The information found on the website www.cicrosa.com may include links to external internet sites only for the best convenience of our customers and / or users. When customers and / or users select a link from an external Internet site, they will be leaving the website www.cicrosa.com and will be subject to the limitations of privacy and the rules imposed by the owners and / or sponsors of that site.
CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L declines any responsibility regarding the information that is outside the Web site, since the function of the links that appear is only to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information on a specific topic. CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L is not responsible for live or recorded webcasts (“webcasting”) or any other form of transmission received from any link.

• CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L does not control or guarantee the veracity, relevance, regularity or accuracy of the information contained in the Internet sites of which links are included.

• CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L is not responsible for the external links of the sponsoring organizations, nor for the opinions they express and the services / products they offer.

• CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials found on Internet sites with external links. The users must obtain such authorization through the sponsors of the same.

• CICROSA HIDRAULICA S.L is not responsible for transmissions received by our customers and / or users, by Internet sites.


(See Privacy policy)


The User guarantees that the information, material, content or observations that are not their own personal data and that are provided to the Service Provider through the Website, do not infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property of third parties, or any other legal disposition. The information, materials, content or observations that the User provides to the Service Provider, will be considered non-confidential, reserving the Service Provider the right to use them in the manner it considers most appropriate.


CICROSA HIDRAULICA, S.L reserves the right to modify, develop or update at any time and without prior notification, the Legal Notice of this Web site, as well as the Privacy Policy. The User will automatically be bound by the Legal Notice that is in force at the time he accesses the Website, so we recommend reading it before each access and navigation through the website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the relationships established with the Users, prior to the modification of this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, will be governed by the rules provided at the time when the user accessed the website for its establishment.


All disputes or claims arising from the interpretation or execution of this Legal Notice will be governed by Spanish law, and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Palencia.